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VVPS’s academically ambitious curriculum incorporates some of the most advanced contemporary thinking in early childhood education including research on multiple intelligence.

The personalized learning plan is the hallmark of the school which is modified as goals are met and newer concepts introduced. Thus, the child is prepared for the joys and challenges of the future.

At VVPS every child is provided with an opportunity to pick up the ideas and concepts at his comfort level; to discover the world around him and to understand the meanings of life at his own pace.

Areas of Learning & Assessment

  • Moral and Spiritual
  • Linguistic and Literary
  • Science (life science and nature’s study)
  • Mathematics
  • Aesthetics and creativity. (Art, Craft, Music, Drawing, Painting, Dance- Drama, etc. )
  • Social (Communication skills presentation skills leadership & crisis management)
  • Disaster Management

We do believe that the sole object of child’s assessment is to find out the launching point from the teacher can facilitate the child’s learning process. For us wrong answers are as important as correct answers for they provide us the true picture of the problem the child is facing.

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